Why WordPress?

April 15, 2019 ,

What is it

WordPress. we sure you’ve heard about it before, it’s on one of the most used content management systems in the world. First created in 2003, the platform has come on leaps and bounds to what it offers its users now. Originally a blogging platform, now WordPress can be fully integrated into bespoke brochure and eCommerce sites to offer even further opportunities for designers, developers, agencies and any size organisation to provide highly complex but easily usable websites.

Usage Statistics

To show how widely used WordPress is, we’ve gathered some impressive statistics together;

  • The WordPress Content Management System is power 26% of all websites on the web.
  • Of all CMS’s used, WordPress has a market share of 56%, the next most used CMS is Joomla, with only 6% (YEP, 50% less!).
  • WordPress is behind 30.3% of the top 1000 websites.
  • WordPress is available in 62 different languages.

These statistics alone show how WordPress is highly used and trusted, even large corporations are using it for their high traffic, high converting websites.


WordPress has definitely moved away from its blogging platform roots. Instead it now offers opportunities for custom post types, custom taxonomies and high editable content blocks.

Alongside WordPress core files, WordPress offers an eCommerce plugin, WooCommerce, which when installed allows users to purchase products and services directly from the website, we’ve got a whole service dedicated to this, so if you want some information, head over to our eCommerce page.

With a little help from our favourite premium plugins, we are able to extend this further by creating flexible content which include but are not limited to image galleries, full bleed block area, custom contact forms, custom product areas.

Open source

WordPress is an open source software, meaning anybody can contribute to it. The core software files are looked after my a small team who oversee the any integrations of new code, but anybody is allowed to create a plugin that they may feel that others can benefit from – Currently there are over 45 thousand plugins available. We don’t tend to use unnecessary plugins though, we prefer to create these features by ourself to ensure that our websites are bloat free and also that we know exactly how features are built.

Experience & expertise

At Claba Creative, we have over 8 years of experience working with WordPress, building bespoke websites, creating plugins and widgets and ensuring all sites are SEO friendly. The additional support from the open source community means that it’s possible to get instant support if any troubles are found.

The future

WordPress is going through a bit of a transition at the moment. WP 5.0 was introduced in late 2018 and brought with it a new tool, the Gutenberg editor. Received with mixed reviews, although now being used more and linked with Advanced Custom Fields, we predict that it will become a highly regarded feature once the masses are educated in using it.

Unless any major changes happen, we can’t see ourself ever using a different off-the-shelf CMS. Meaning that WordPress is here to stay!

What’s your opinion on WordPress? Have a project in mind that sounds perfect for it? Get in touch to discuss.


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