Why are website audits important?

November 6, 2019 , ,

A website is designed, built and launched, only to be left to its own devices and never monitored. How does this help the business that the website represents? Truth be told it doesn’t, but I can’t imagine you thought it would.

A website audit is important for any sized business to establish where they are excelling online but also more important where they are lacking with their online presence – Giving a clear indication of what needs to be improved, and how it can be improved.

The audit looks at the following specific areas of your site;

Design – Is the website a positive experience for the audiences.

Technical – To see if the website is built to specific standards.

Search – Find out if the site adheres to SEO standards and to what extent.

Are you due one

We offer our own website audit, a way of checking on the sites health and offer feedback and suggestions on positive change to improve your websites functionality, experience and search rankings.

Our website audit looks at 10 key points that we believe any website needs to give it the building blocks of being a successful piece of marketing outlay.

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