The Benefits of Website Portals

April 30, 2020 , ,

Web portals are useful tools for businesses that need to offer a web based platform that allow their employees, shareholders, customers or suppliers to access information that is hidden away from all the other website users.

An online portal can replicate the look and feel of your business but offer further and greater control over your day to day processes. Regardless where the end-user is in the world, they are able to access readily available information whenever they login.

Website portals can be used to fulfil many different tasks. As they allow you to bring information from multiple sources together, allowing you to share content amongst a large variety of departments, customers and suppliers.

Common Features of Portals

  • That they give access to interactive forums, discussion boards and helpful news feeds.
  • They are based around user role permissions and restrictions.
  • There is the ability to create group based content.
  • They offer secure access to data and as well as storing data.

Benefits of Web Portals

Increases flexibility – as it offers 24/7 access to resources, your employees can be more flexible of when they need to access the information.

It’s hugely convenient – You can access it from anywhere and with any device (As longs as the portal was designed and developed in this way).

It’s more secure – As an alternative to email, it allows a more secure process of updating and sending documents. It also means you no longer have multiple versions of the document in many different places (Your computer, your inbox, sent folder, other persons inbox, their computer etc. – repeat depending on how many times you send the document to and from).

Personalised experience for its users – As the website portal users have to login, a certain amount of information is needed – Using this information it’s possible to create a more tailored experience, which will mean they will get the most out of using the platform.

Keeps users & customers returning – If they can only access key information through the website portal, they’ll keep coming back – Meaning that you’ll have a new possibility to gain key information about them or if an e-commerce platform, sell them new products and services.

Should my Business think about having one?

The answer is yes, because thinking about it allows you to understand the benefits that a website portal can bring to your business. If you wish to discuss the possibilities to help your business, email us –


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