eCommerce Solutions

Selling your products and services online allow you to diversify your revenue streams and also simplify your processes. Opening an online shop is a huge step in the right direction to helping your business thrive online.

Products, Services, Courses, Bookings, and more

You can pretty much sell anything online, with the right platform & strategy. Our eCommerce solutions are suitable for businesses of any size, utilizing our favourite content management system WordPress to give you the tools to start selling successfully.

Key E-commerce Features

Sales, Offers & Loyalty Points

Put your products on offer to encourage sales and increase that customer loyalty by giving them points when they spend a certain amount, accumulating enough to purchase a free or heavily discounted item.

Quantity Discounts & Coupon Codes

Set up your website to automatically apply discounts for when a customer orders more than a specific amount, or offer discount codes for your customers to use to gain a percentage or fixed discount.

Cross-Sells & Upsells

Encourage your audiences to visit relatable products that they may find interesting to increase their order value.

Order Alerts & Processing

Keep your customers in the know when their order progresses. Offer incremental updates to know that the order has been received, is being processed, refunded, rejected, or has been completed.

Stock Control

Allow yourself to have peace of mind that you won’t oversell a product that you cannot deliver on by having a stock limit. This can also be set to only allow one of these particular items per order.

Delivery Options & Rates

Bulk delivery, regional or international rates. Fine-tune your delivery costs so that they’re specific to cover where you’re sending your products. These costs can be created very specifically based on location, weight, dimensions, and more.

Multiple Currencies

Don’t just limit yourself to selling in one country, or in just one currency. With our currency converters, it allows you to sell to multiple countries using the same website. Don’t worry if some countries have restrictions on certain products that you sell, we can restrict the sale of products to specific countries too.

Reports & Analytics

Find out which is your best selling product or what’s not doing that well so you can make informed decisions on how to increase revenue. Gain a year-to-date overview of which is your best time of year and use that knowledge to find out how to improve.

Product Reviews

Get feedback on your products from the customers who have bought them, informing other potential customers how great you are and what they’re missing out on. Reviews can be limited to the customer having to be logged in and also bought the product, this allows for more genuine reviews.

Payment Gateways

We can implement any payment gateway that you are already using to allow as little disruption to your workflow as possible. Alternatively, we can implement our payment gateway of choice – Stripe. This is our favourite as it involves no redirects, meaning the customers inputs their card details straight on your site, this gateway also allows cards to be stored for quicker purchases in the future.


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