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We build beautiful and functional websites

And the only way to do that is by talking to you and experiencing your business. Getting to know what you offer your customers and how you do it allows us to gain insight to how your website should be designed and developed.

We have a bespoke approach when completing website projects. We like to create a website that matches the business exact, ensuring that all their key points and goals are met. We do not use the one-size fits all approach.

Content Management System

We are WordPress experts; we’ve been using WordPress for the last 8 years and can firmly agree with others when they call it the best & most reliable CMS widely available. We love WordPress and like to take it to the next level, meaning you have complete control over every aspect of your website.

WordPress controls over 30% of all websites online, and because of this it is supported well, documented, and trusted by a vast number of individuals and agencies all over the world.

We only use necessary plugins so to avoid unnecessary bloat of your website, meaning you can have peace of mind your website is quick and lightweight.

What to think about...

Websites shouldn’t just be built and then forgotten about. Websites are powerful tools that can tell you a lot about its visitors. The data collected should be analysed and action taken to help increase sales and leads. Here are a few areas that we can assist you in collecting site and consumer data.

Conversion Funnels

How are you taking your audiences on a journey to encourage them to convert? To you have pre-defined steps that you want your customers to take to push them to achieve a certain goal such as contact you, order your product or book an event ticket.


Find out where your audience is coming from, how they use your website and what devices are used the most – Advanced analytics allows you to have the knowledge to know where to improve your website to serve its content better and improve the users experience.


Find out how your website is used by your audiences. Are buttons placed in the right area, is your navigation clear, can they use your forms with ease? All this can be analysed allowing informed decisions to be made if components needs to be changed.

Goals & Event Tracking

Finding out if your website is being used the way you want it to helps understand if you’re on the same wave length as your audiences. Set up goals and events to be informed when the user does something you want them to, compare this to the amount of traffic hitting that page and analyse how to improve.

A/B Testing

Trying different methods allows you to get a better understanding of what works. Setting up the same goal but attempting to achieve it through two different methods allows you to gain an insight into how your audiences use your website and if contrasting demographics respond differently.

Visitor Recordings

Viewing a users session allows you to see a true representation of how they use your website. Seeing where they click, how they navigate and why they leave allows you to make sure they are getting the best experience from your website.


In addition to websites offering your business an array of different methods to engage with your customers it also needs looking after, code clean ups, plugin updates, core WordPress file updates, image compression. We offer maintenance packages to cover these so you don’t have to worry about the small stuff, leaving you more time to concentrate on your business.

Cross Browser Support

Websites are viewed across multiple website browsers, and (unfortunately!) you cannot force your users to use a particular browser. We support your website to be stable and displaying correctly on all web browsers that more than 2% of your traffic uses, knowing that no matter how your audiences are viewing your site, they can get the information needed to be informed and convert.

Huge thanks to these guys at Claba for setting my business website! Easy to communicate with, super fast and super helpful!

Joanna EdwardsLittle Chelsea Hair & Beauty

Claba Creative are a wonderful group of people who have helped us achieve building our brand exactly how we want it. They were experts throughout the whole project, offering advice and stories on how to go about certain jobs which really made us feel involved in the processes. We aren't done with them yet and cannot wait to work with them again in the very near future.

Stefan BanksChartered co.

We've been working with Claba for a number of years and they deliver on brief and with great results. They understand the business and understand what we want to achieve on our digital platforms.

Sam HayesLighthouse Restaurant

We needed a website to raise awareness of our products and location (As we're quite hard to find!) and Claba Creative provided us with one that looks amazing. It truly represents our business and we are so happy with it.

Fay MayMyfanwy

Claba Creative allowed me to put my DJ business online, supplying me with a website which allows my customers to have a point of contact for me 24/7. The service they provided has been brilliant.

Shawn ClarkeHawk Angel Disco

Claba Creative voluntarily offered their services to help the club push to gain an online presence, now the club is online, we can make sure that everybody knows when the games are on, when the club is open and what events are happening all year round.

Wickham Market FC

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