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Simple questions or a more in depth conversations about what we can do for you and your business. We rack our brains together to develop cost effective and successful solutions that allow your business to flourish in your industry. We take the time to understand your business, your individual aims and reflect upon this in your projects, meaning your core morals do not change. There are many areas that you can look at and ask questions; How well does your content get your ideas across? Content is king. Do you contact your clients through email? Everybody loves email. Are you analysing your site or social media traffic to see where it can be improved? Is your social media space being used to its highest potential? Do you have a clear audience that you are trying to target? Is your website responsive? A high percentage of web traffic now comes through mobile. How creative are your current marketing efforts? It should be fun, not a chore.

There are plenty of areas to be thinking about, but let us do that. Current times within the digital world have led to an exciting time for getting your business more connected to customers and their specific needs, with living in a world that always wants to be in touch, give them a reason to stay.

Audit your online presence

We offer different types of audits, depending on which area of your online presence you wish to improve;


Find out how your website fairs against competitors, how it ranks on search engines, the experience of your audiences and speed testing. We give you a detailed report on how these areas can be improved to create a more wholesome website.

Social Media

We analyse how you use your social media channels, if you’re using the correct ones and how we believe you can improve these platforms to help you achieve your goals.


How long ago was it that you updated your brand? We audit brands to give you an insight on how you can improve it and catch everybody up in the 21st century.


How are you faring on search engines? What do we think could be done to improve? We’ll research keywords, competitors rankings and more to help you get a plan of action in place to gain more visitors and more conversions.

Just started going on your own? Or thinking about taking the leap?

We’re here to help. Going at it alone can be daunting, not only do you have to be confident in providing your services, you also have to market yourself to obtain clients & customers.

We work with you and help you establish who you want to be and how you want to portray that online. We’ll give you tips and advice on best practises and what will make you successful in your online environments. We offer free initial consultation, and we’re only a phone call away.

Huge thanks to these guys at Claba for setting my business website! Easy to communicate with, super fast and super helpful!

Joanna EdwardsLittle Chelsea Hair & Beauty

Claba Creative are a wonderful group of people who have helped us achieve building our brand exactly how we want it. They were experts throughout the whole project, offering advice and stories on how to go about certain jobs which really made us feel involved in the processes. We aren't done with them yet and cannot wait to work with them again in the very near future.

Stefan BanksChartered co.

We've been working with Claba for a number of years and they deliver on brief and with great results. They understand the business and understand what we want to achieve on our digital platforms.

Sam HayesLighthouse Restaurant

We needed a website to raise awareness of our products and location (As we're quite hard to find!) and Claba Creative provided us with one that looks amazing. It truly represents our business and we are so happy with it.

Fay MayMyfanwy

Claba Creative allowed me to put my DJ business online, supplying me with a website which allows my customers to have a point of contact for me 24/7. The service they provided has been brilliant.

Shawn ClarkeHawk Angel Disco

Claba Creative voluntarily offered their services to help the club push to gain an online presence, now the club is online, we can make sure that everybody knows when the games are on, when the club is open and what events are happening all year round.

Wickham Market FC

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