How to Improve Your Online Store

February 25, 2020

Having a good e-commerce platform is key to allowing your customers to buy from you with ease, and ensuring they have no problems with this process if one of your highest priorities. Here is our extensive list of what you should be thinking about when it comes to your e-commerce store.

Always be user friendly

This should really go without saying, as I don’t think anybody would ever intentionally create a website that isn’t. But we thoughtful of the following;

Nav Menu – Think about it’s placement and how easy it is to find your way around the site.

Be Organised – Place elements in intuitive areas, stick more to the trends and see what everybody else is dong.

Search Bar – Offer a search function so that users can type in what they’re looking for and find it in an instant

Product Filters – If you have lots of variations or categories of products allow filters to narrow down the search criteria, allowing products to be found and sold quicker.

Contact Information – Always offer your contact information so that your audience can get in contact with you if they have any questions or issues, this will put them at ease and increase the likelihood of a conversion.

The simpler the better

Natural Flow – Follow the natural course that a customer would use and try to ensure your website matches that. Allowing your customer to know how to use your website will allow them to have a positive experience.

Grid Layout – Use a super simple grid layout to ensure that all products are well presented and easy to access.

Quick, simple checkout – Nobody wants to go through pages and pages of checkout process, try and keep it as simple as possible, so they can checkout as quickly as possible.

Always allow the cart to be accessible

So that the user can know what’s in the cart, monitor their spending and also have a quick way to going straight to the cart for checkout. We advise keeping the cart as a part of your menu that stays on show when users scroll down.

Be honest about pricing

Nobody likes surprises, so make sure that you prices are inclusive of as much as it can be, such as taxes & shipping. If you are unable to absorb the cost of shipping into the product price, then use a product shipment guide to explain how much it costs and why. Giving more insight into the extra costs ensures the customers understand these, and don’t feel like they’re getting ripped off.

Use genuine & high quality photos

The audience want to see what they’re buying, so having a library of images, both studio and lifestyle allow you to showcase your products in different scenarios and settings. This will aid in their decisions to purchase the products.

Have honest reviews

Reviews sell everything, allowing your audience to see what your previous customers think about your products and services allows them to get that second opinion that may convince them to buy. Having varied reviews also allows them to have an impartial insight to the products and services.

Thank you pages

Be sincere, let your customers know you are thankful and keep them interested in your business by pointing them towards your special offerings, blogs posts or other key information your website holds.


Answer questions before your customer even asks them – This will save time, money and resources which can all go towards other areas of your business.

Mobile friendly

It does go without saying that any website should be mobile friendly in today’s digital age. Google is actively ranking sites with a better mobile user experience higher than ones with poor or little thought to how users use the website on mobile, or tablet.

Be thoughtful

To conclude, it’s all about being mindful of your audience, and trying to second guess how they’re going to use the website. Use insightful tools to back these guesses up with proof and change your website to cater better for your audiences.

If you don’t feel like your online store is performing as well as it should be, get in touch with us to allow us to perform a website audit.


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