How to Improve Your Football Clubs Marketing In 2021

December 21, 2020 , ,

Running a non-league or grassroots football club can be a tough task at the best of times. Whether it is all the FA paperwork, signing on new players, COVID-19 risk assessments, or getting much-needed sponsorship. Sometimes it feels like an impossible task of never-ending tasks.

For too long, non-league and grassroots clubs have neglected digital. Why? Because they lack time, money, and expertise. Below are some essential tips on how to market your football club going into 2021.

Social Media & Graphic Design

Social media is a fantastic tool because of its user-friendly nature and not to mention everyone is on it! However, that does mean there is plenty of content flowing through daily. This means you need to stand out from the crowd, and there is only one way to do that, better content. There are plenty of graphic designers out there, and there are sure to be some who love football as much as you. Whether it is engaging animation or match-day announcements, get in touch with with our friends over at matchday marketing and see how they can improve your social media content.

It certainly is great for organic media; however, do not be afraid to utilize its paid features. For example, pre-season is a great time to attract new players if your teams are short on numbers or the first team manager is on the hunt for some new talent. Organic posts and shares will only take you so far, which means you will need to go beyond your current followers to reach new ones. Set your target audience to 18-35, grab some visuals from your graphic designer, and get those new players through the door!


Build that email list! Players come and go, but that doesn’t mean they have to disappear forever. Many players take time out from football at the lower levels of the game. Let them know they’re still part of the club by keeping them informed and ensuring them the door is always open for a return.

This is also a fantastic way to push your club shop on your eCommerce website. Your players want the latest training gear so let them have it! The working week is busy and can throw up distractions left, right, and centre. Remind them that the club is placing a kit order from the supplier soon, and you need their orders in before the deadline.

A Club Website

Just like your clubhouse, a website is your home, digitally speaking. The local community comes to their local football club to utilise its services, so why not replicate this online. Increase your accessibility by offering a point of contact for new members. Direct any policy inquiries to the club policies page. Build your committee page. Upload your match photos. Check the league table, fixtures, and results. The possibilities are endless.

But can all this really help your club? Check out the Sponsorship benefits for three of our grassroots football clubs that we have partnered with:

Offering your sponsors more in return for their support is what all clubs must strive to achieve. The sponsorship page allows your club to offer a link out to the website of your sponsor. Something all businesses strive for when looking to improve their online presence. Support local!

These clubs have signed up for our Club website package, that is fully managed and assisted by ourselves. Allowing you to be headache free and having one less job to worry about.

Football clubs are part of the community, something lost at the game’s elite level. The pandemic proved this, with county-level teams seeing their 300 crowd allowance reached frequently. Now is the time to capitalise on the revitalised passion for local teams!

Find out more information about our fully managed club websites and how you can benefit from them.


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