How Real Photography Helps Your Business Online

October 23, 2019

You’re wondering if you should allocate an amount of this years marketing budget to professional photography. You are also wondering if you could get away with not doing it. Instead, relying on site copy advertisement or the use of stock photography. We’re here to tell you why genuine photographs of your businesses services or products will go a long way with your clientele and customers.

Strengthen Brand Identity

Having images of your products with your own labels and branding on extends your businesses reach online. With the use of social media and search engines, images get shared around and viewed a lot more. In a world where brands get lost in a sea of multitude, having professional imagery allows you to be a cut above the rest.

Builds Trust

Images containing your products or your staff completing your services allows you to build trust with your audiences and shows them exactly what they will receive if they choose to go with your business. Building trust with clients and customers is a never ending battle, and having professional photography has a big influence.

Visual Storytelling

The art of storytelling can be portrayed well through the use of professional imagery as it allows you to have the complete creative control of what is portrayed to your customers – Meaning you show them exactly what they’ll be getting and also how your brand is viewed by the masses.

It’s Actually Less Hassle

The age old phrase ‘An image says a thousand words’ is true – Looking at an image can evoke emotion or portray information quicker than any editorial or written advert. And with consumers attention span getting shorter, visual marketing through imagery could not be more beneficial for your business. Containing your brand and products within these images means that you do not necessarily need accompanying text to explain what’s going on.

Increases Conversions & Sales

For all the reasons stated, they all lead to one benefit – The increase of conversions and sales, and the generation of more revenue.

How can Claba Creative help?

We pride ourselves in offering a wide range of photography services, which matches clients expectations and styles of their businesses. Get in touch with us today if you wish to discuss your project requirements.

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