5 Reasons Why You Need a Website?

February 11, 2020

We appreciate this might be obvious for certain businesses and individuals, but sometimes we feel there is a misunderstanding of the importance of a website and the real reasons why you need one, and what a website can actually bring to your business.

Reputation building

The first action a person takes when they hear about a business or when somebody recommends a business is to check their website out. To see if you exist and to see what you have on offer. In other words, a website is good for social proofing and allowing you to build a reputation.

24/7 availability

Your website is available all day, everyday. Even when you’re asleep. Take advantage of marketing to potential customers when they’re ready to approach you. In addition to this, it’s accessible from anywhere in the world which is perfect if you offer a product or service that doesn’t necessarily need customers need to be in the same area code.

Showcasing your work

Showcase what you can actually do, allowing your audiences to see what they’ll be getting, and what work you’ve done in the past. This is also a good way of showcasing work that you may have done for an influential client, which can persuade new customers to use your business instead of your competition.

It saves you time

If you’re clever with your content, having a website will save you time. If you decide to showcase your work, offer an FAQ section, a contact form or fully describe your services. This means that the audience already knows what they need to know to make a decision if they wish to use your products or services – With only making contact to you for a bit of reassurance who they’re dealing with.

It saves you money too

If you needed to update any information or offer something new, you can update your website via the CMS yourself – Alternatively, you could pay your web designer to do it. In either of these scenarios, you will be paying less than you would if you had to re-print your advert, or re-make your radio advertisement. Websites offer easy methods of being updated and linked with social media allow you to spread the new word quickly.

Still need convincing

Realistically, there are many more reasons to have one which we could go on about all day, but we believe that these are the most important, and make an effective argument of why your business needs a website – If you’re still not convinced, get in touch and allow us to explain further.


Business as usual here, get in touch to discuss your requirements on your next project.