Why we rebranded…

June 22, 2020 ,

When we started back in 2018 – We weren’t 100% sure of where we would be now – We didn’t have a grand plan on how the company was going to grow over the next 5 years into our vision. When we started back in 2018, we agreed to review our progress in 2 years and then make a decision on what we wanted to do. Once having learnt our industry and where we place ourselves in it, it allowed us to know what our customers want, what we wanted and how we would succeed.

Back in March, at the beginning of the lockdown in the U.K, we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to review our position in the industry and how we wanted to progress as a company. We put all of our outputs under the microscope and asked ourselves, our we representing what we do as well as we can?

Of course, as you can see, the answer was no, and that’s when we entered the brainstorm phase of our rebrand.

The first stage of the rebrand was to figure out what we wanted, how we approached our work and our core values as a company. Once this was known, we could research the best way to represent this.


Our name is comprised of a mixture of founding partners Connor and Josh’s last names – Banks and Claxton. In retrospect our name doesn’t mean anything, and we are happy with it being it’s own entity. We had also built our reputation with this name and didn’t want to move away from it.




We sketched out all of our ideas and come together to discuss – reiterating the ideas that we liked until we had two that we thought represented our criteria the best. We put these under review and finalised on the logo that you can see today. As previously mentioned, we didn’t want to change our name, although we did decide to drop the word ‘creative’ from our logo. This was purely for aesthetics, as we felt including the name didn’t add anything to showcase what we did.


We wanted to keep true to our brand colours, but move away from our slightly garish use of the green and turn it more into an accent colour that could add emphasis to areas of the brand that needed it. We in turn, chose to use the navy blue and white to represent Claba primarily.




Finding our place in the industry over the last two years, it had become apparent that the direction we’d like to take is to specialise in advanced website design and development, website and email hosting, e-commerce solutions, search engine optimisation, and pay-per-click advertising, while still offering our creative services such as branding strategy, graphic design, photography and more. To represent our key services we wanted a website that stood out and allowed our expertise to shine through. We researched agencies’ websites from all over the globe, noted areas we liked, didn’t like, what worked well to represent the information presented, and also went with our gut to showcase ourselves how we thought was best.

Our new website allows us to showcase our projects, portray how we helped individual clients, and offer insights into each relationship we have. We also dedicated attention to our insights area, to pass on meaningful information to our readers on how they can improve their online presence.

Social Media

Like most brands, our social media assets showcase our logo, colours, tagline, and so on, we re-designed them to be in-line with the new brand identity, updating all the old brand representation, and transitioning over to the new look Claba Creative.

Overall Brand

The use of the new logo and colour scheme it allowed us to deconstruct the icon – Extending the brands presence throughout the mediums it is viewed on.


Overall with the down-time that the pandemic lockdown has provided, it allowed us to truly understand what we wanted to achieve as a company and gave us the opportunity to research, design and develop our new brand that you can now see today.

If you’d like to find out more about our rebranding process – Get in touch, we’d love to discuss.




Business as usual here, get in touch to discuss your requirements on your next project.