Video Marketing On Social Media During Lockdown

July 2, 2020


For quite a few years now marketing experts have been raving about the importance of video marketing. Marketers love it and so do the people. Why? Because it is easy to digest. Our appetite to read gradually falls during our online spells, so when someone offers to spew out the words to us for free, you are damn right we are going to consume it.

Increase Audience Engagement

Whether it be animation, vlogs or tutorials, audience engagement always sees an increase. As a digital marketing strategist we crave those spikes, those number jumps, those click throughs. It lets us know we are doing something right and the audience is enjoying the content we are making. Which is truly what it is all about. Take a look at one of our marketing partners for example, The Lighthouse Restaurant in Suffolk. One of our longest running partners at Claba. We worked with them to produce video content for their social media channels during the COVID-19 Lockdown. Something that was challenging due to social distancing, yet truly rewarding. Together we managed get people involved and keep the content coming, particularly on the the clients popular Facebook page. The video below spiked in organic reach to 2.5k, four times the typical organic reach we see on this page.

Video marketing allowed our client to communicate with their customers and followers during lockdown. This was essential due to the closure of the restaurant following government guidelines. Many businesses will have found it hard to reach their customers due to social distancing and lack of face to face communication. Here is where social media management has thrived, allowing marketers to redistribute their time and budget to social media channels. As things slowly return back to normal, I am sure we will see a drop-off in number spikes on social media analytical data.

It has been a real test for everyone, not just the marketing industry. Businesses that offer experiences such as restaurants and pubs have been hit hard. However, the world of digital has proven once again how agile and effective it can be when you think all opportunities have been exhausted.


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