Why is it important?

Increasing your online visibility to potential customers is key to gaining new work and reaching new audiences. Everybody can be found on Google, not everyone can be found on the first page of Google. Websites need to be optimised constantly to ensure that you are visible on search engines. Without this, your efforts to be found online will fall short of their maximum potential.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Accessibility

Crawl accessible the is the first step in any SEO development strategy and one that is absolutely necessary. It allows your website to be reached and indexed by all search engines and more importantly, ready to be found by potential new leads. Our websites come fully index ready and can be updated via a sitemap should the client make major changes or content updates.

User Experience

We provide our clients with quality servers to run their site on ensuring a consistent presence on the web. This also helps provide the user with a great experience, including fast page loading and a fully functional user interface on any device. Search engines now see this as standard requirements for a website and will proceed to de-rank your position should they not be met.

Content, Content, Content

We work closely with the client during the development stage to determine the best way to design, develop and utilise their bespoke content management system (CMS). Content, content, content is what makes SEO work and we are prepared to prepare you and your business for that.

Keyword Research

In order to reach your target audience you need to understand what they want to find. This means writing content on your site that is keyword friendly and more importantly, relevant to your business and the user. This may seem simple but it is far from it. What you want to rank for and what your audience actually wants are often two different things. Focusing on your audience and then using data related to keywords to hone those insights will make for much more successful campaigns.

Link building & Domain Authority

Alongside good quality content comes good quality links. Links act as a vote of confidence amongst websites, especially another website with a good domain authority links to your site. The higher in popularity and importance a site has, the more weight the links from that site carry. There is no short cut to link building and can only be achieved by conducting quality research and maintaining consistency when it comes to content marketing.


Just like any other area of digital marketing, measuring the success of your SEO campaign is the most important part of the strategy. Knowing where you went wrong and what went right is extremely important and can be vital resource moving forward. We use the best technology when it comes pulling numbers from your site, before, during and after the completion of an SEO campaign. Whether you are looking to increase overall traffic to your site or build links, we can provide you consistent data that it clear and concise. We understand that this area of digital marketing can be overwhelming, which is why we strive to provide you with easy to understand reports that contain the key performance indicators (KPI’s) that are important to you and your business.


Pay Per Click Advertising

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is exactly as it says, you pay when a user clicks on your advert. These adverts come in many forms (See below) and each one has its uses. Depending on what your business offers will determine which PPC method is best suited for you and your business.

We strongly believe this type of advertising should be judged on quality rather than quantity. We strive to ensure that the clicks you pay for convert, and your ad spend is well spent. This is where our skilled team come in to their own and can provide you with feedback and insights on your strategy, but more importantly, your return on ad spend (ROAS).

Our talented advertisers and developers work together in order to implement and manage your PPC account. Your dedicated account manager will develop a strategy with you and monitor its progression over a period of time. They will ensure that all the technical jargon is removed and replaced with straight facts and statistics, so you can make informed decisions on your account, because we understand how important your business is to you.

Why use it?

We truly believe this method of advertising is by far the friendliest and most rewarding for all involved. Both the searcher and advertiser benefit due to relevancy. The clients advert will appear in front of someone who is already searching for keywords related to your business and advert. This means no unnecessary interruptions to the user during their online experience and also the client is more likely to see a return on investment (ROI) unlike other more traditional methods of advertising.

Does PPC work?

In 2018 it was reported that Google revenue reached $232.9billion. A large chunk of that total revenue was generated by Google’s Adwords service, which was reported to be £116.32billion ( These incredible figures speak volumes when it comes to determining the success of PPC campaigns and its continued rise shows that more and more businesses are opting for this strategy.

Huge thanks to these guys at Claba for setting my business website! Easy to communicate with, super fast and super helpful!

Joanna EdwardsLittle Chelsea Hair & Beauty

Claba Creative are a wonderful group of people who have helped us achieve building our brand exactly how we want it. They were experts throughout the whole project, offering advice and stories on how to go about certain jobs which really made us feel involved in the processes. We aren't done with them yet and cannot wait to work with them again in the very near future.

Stefan BanksChartered co.

We've been working with Claba for a number of years and they deliver on brief and with great results. They understand the business and understand what we want to achieve on our digital platforms.

Sam HayesLighthouse Restaurant

We needed a website to raise awareness of our products and location (As we're quite hard to find!) and Claba Creative provided us with one that looks amazing. It truly represents our business and we are so happy with it.

Fay MayMyfanwy

Claba Creative allowed me to put my DJ business online, supplying me with a website which allows my customers to have a point of contact for me 24/7. The service they provided has been brilliant.

Shawn ClarkeHawk Angel Disco

Claba Creative voluntarily offered their services to help the club push to gain an online presence, now the club is online, we can make sure that everybody knows when the games are on, when the club is open and what events are happening all year round.

Wickham Market FC

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