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How we do it

We carefully plan when creating brands and logos to enable audiences to instantly recognise you, no matter your budget. Every brand needs to make genuine impact on its audiences and potential marketplace. This is why we like to work closely with every individual or business to produce something that works well and looks even better.

An effective logo needs to be two things, simple & specific. Trying to get as much across about your brand or business as possible but at the same time not making it busy that people will pass it by or turn the page. It’s a fine balancing act that if correct, works wonders. We like to put real stress on our brand colours and design to allow the logo to fit within the rest of your business’ branding guidelines. It’s our job to understand the market and design trends that will allow your logo and branding to stand out from the rest. We will take time to understand your business and potential market, do our homework and come back to you with concepts that will get you recognised and remembered.

Who do you want to be?

A brand goes much further than just a logo, a brand is what people think of you and your business when you’re brought up in conversation.

Whether you are just starting out, or an already well established business wanting a new look, we can work with you on creating a well thought out, beautifully designed brand, allowing you to look consistent across all platforms.

Design for Print

What we can provide for you;

Logo design

Create a logo that serves your business. We research, consult and design until we create the perfect representation of your goals, services and personality.

Brand guidelines

As we’ve previously mentioned, your brand isn’t just your logo, it’s how your business is represented anywhere is appears in offline and online media. Creation of guidelines allows you to ensure that you have a consistent look and feel where ever you appear.

Business Cards

The first impression is important, but allowing people to contact you is more important. Having a solid business card with appropriate information on allows you to give out your information quickly and easily, giving you more time networking further.

Flyers / Leaflets

Sending information out in an easy to digest format can be more difficult than you think. We create beautiful layouts that allow its readers to take away the most important pieces of information and give them a reason to call you.

Large Format Posters / Exhibition Stands

Make sure you’re seen when you’re trading, we can design any format posters & stand graphics on a wide variety of material allowing you to look the best you possible can while capturing new business.


Design for Web

The web is a huge part of everybody’s day to day lives. Having high quality graphics to serve your website & online platforms puts you a cut above everybody else.

Social Media Graphics

Want your social media channels to be consistent with high quality graphics produced to be inline with your brand guidelines? We can create social channel logos, header images, timeline images or adverts for any format, making sure they make the most of the screen real estate.

Online PDFs

If you’re supplying your audiences with downloadable content on your site, you’re going to want to brand these up so people know who to contact when they want to know more. We can create or convert your documents into downloadable PDF files, ready for the web.


For Google Display Ads, or adverts on your own website, we take your style and match it so that it’s recognisable where ever it presents itself on the web.

SVG Icons

Icons are becoming more of a trend on the web, assisting other content to represent what is being shown. We can create bespoke icons for your brand or source pre-made ones that fit within your guidelines.

SVG Typography

A relatively new technology, allowing your fonts to be as versatile as standard SVG icons. This allows you to create a more interactive approach to how you present your content.

Huge thanks to these guys at Claba for setting my business website! Easy to communicate with, super fast and super helpful!

Joanna EdwardsLittle Chelsea Hair & Beauty

Claba Creative are a wonderful group of people who have helped us achieve building our brand exactly how we want it. They were experts throughout the whole project, offering advice and stories on how to go about certain jobs which really made us feel involved in the processes. We aren't done with them yet and cannot wait to work with them again in the very near future.

Stefan BanksChartered co.

We've been working with Claba for a number of years and they deliver on brief and with great results. They understand the business and understand what we want to achieve on our digital platforms.

Sam HayesLighthouse Restaurant

We needed a website to raise awareness of our products and location (As we're quite hard to find!) and Claba Creative provided us with one that looks amazing. It truly represents our business and we are so happy with it.

Fay MayMyfanwy

Claba Creative allowed me to put my DJ business online, supplying me with a website which allows my customers to have a point of contact for me 24/7. The service they provided has been brilliant.

Shawn ClarkeHawk Angel Disco

Claba Creative voluntarily offered their services to help the club push to gain an online presence, now the club is online, we can make sure that everybody knows when the games are on, when the club is open and what events are happening all year round.

Wickham Market FC

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