The Lighthouse Restaurant

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How We Helped.

We’ve been a marketing partner for 5 years, helping them solve their online problems with positive solutions. We complete a wide range of services that allow The Lighthouse Restaurant to achieve their online & digital goals.

The Business

The Lighthouse Restaurant is located in Aldeburgh, Suffolk. Recognised over the years for it's delicious food, award winning customer service and welcoming atmosphere.

Our Impact

Business Followers accumulated over the 5 years working with The Lighthouse


Since developing a new e-commerce solution, The Lighthouse have diversified their revenue streams and can now make money online.

Website Design & Development

We inherited the website from another local agency as The Lighthouse were looking to centralise all their services, since then we have consolidated the current site and added a handful of features that we thought would help benefit the restaurants online presence.

We are also in the development stages of their new bespoke online booking system, tailored towards the restaurant and how the management team run it on a day to day basis. The restaurant are hoping to have this live by the end of 2020.

E-commerce Add-ons

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the restaurant, an e-commerce platform was needed to sell a range of merchandise for customers to take a bit of The Lighthouse home with them. We developed an e-commerce add-on that allowed the restaurant to take payments and manage it’s online orders fully through the website.

During the Covid-19 pandemic we were commissioned to extend their e-commerce solution to include a pick up takeaway service for heat at home food and take-out fish and chips. This went live in June 2020.


We’ve provided a wide range of photography services to The Lighthouse Restaurant to allow them to showcase the experiences that the customers will get when they attend. The types of photography we have supplied include but is not limited to; food, events, portraits, internal and lifestyle. See some examples of the work provided below;

Social Media Management

When we started our partnership with The Lighthouse Restaurant is had just celebrated it’s 20th anniversary and in that time hadn’t touched social media once! We were employed to create a real and engaging audience who were interested with what the restaurant got up to when they were not around. With Aldeburgh being a seasonal town to visit, the audiences range from local to national and even international. This gave us a real challenge of what content should be created to inform and entertain such a wide range of audiences. The Lighthouse now has a combined following of over 6,000 genuine users across 4 different platforms.


Business as usual here, get in touch to discuss your requirements on your next project.