Little Chelsea

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How We Helped.

This client was entering the thriving and competitive industry of Hair & Beauty. Alongside opening a brand new salon in Eastbourne, our client commissioned the Claba team to design and develop a new website.

The Business

Hair and Beauty Salon located in South Street, Eastbourne. A warm and welcoming atmosphere provided by a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals.

Our Impact

Users per month to website.

Website Design & Development

When the team set out to design this website we knew time was of the essence. A quick turnaround was required in order to coincide with the opening of the salon. The Claba Creative team stepped up and


Digital Consultation

These consultations were centred around ensuring the client was up to speed with the project and satisfied with the direction being taken. With a small timeframe to work with, consultations were frequent and to the point. Development stages were planned out clearly to reassure the client that the project was on track and more importantly felt reassured.


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