LB Health Hub

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How We Helped.

A business start-up specialising in health and well-being products. We were commissioned in creating the brand strategy and executing it to build an initial online presence through the mediums of a website and social media.

The Business

Founded in 2020. A business start-up specialising in health and well-being products.

Our Impact

Increase in team sign-ups. Since launching the website, more individuals have been interested in getting involved.

Branding Strategy

As a new business, LB Health Hub were looking to make a stamp on their market and offer a professional service from the beginning. We were approached with ideas of what they wanted their brand to be. This allowed us to have a direction, but also allow us to put our own ideas and inputs in. We worked with LB Health Hub to create their brand, just how they wanted it to be.

Website Design & Development

The website needed to contain a lot of information, from products to lifestyle content, as well as including a portal area of business associates to obtain content that wasn’t intended for mass consumption. We designed the website to be inline with the branding and developed advanced features to allow LB Health Hub to hide content to users who were not supposed to see it. We also implemented a portal area, a resources hub and multiple methods of form entry.

Social Media Management

We assisted LB Health Hub in the creation of their online profiles, creating a social media strategy that would allow them to build a reputable and loyal following that would benefit their business. We supplied a brand guide to ensure that the brand will keep a consistent look across multiple marketing platforms.


As LB Health Hub grows, we will be working with them to shape their online presence, and being on-hand to consult what decisions would work best for them in the future.


Business as usual here, get in touch to discuss your requirements on your next project.